Career Intensive


The traditional approach to career hunting (the one most of us use) just doesn’t work.

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated in your job but you have no idea where you’d prefer to be or how you might get there, I can help.

This joyful, one-on-one half-day intensive will help you identify a career direction that is deeply satisfying and then work out exactly how to make it happen.

To start, you’ll receive detailed pre-session preparation materials. We’ll have four hours of honest conversation, rich insights and practical tasks. And we’ll step out halfway for great coffee [we’ll need it!] and a walk [depending on the weather]. Then we’ll finish up by consolidating our ideas and determining some clear next-steps, so that you leave knowing exactly what to do.

You’ll receive a detailed emailed session summary and a follow-up call, to keep you on track and achieving, brilliantly.


Please note: I work with clients on Mondays and Wednesdays, from my office in Brunswick, Melbourne.



I headed into my session with Alex with a feeling of heaviness when considering my career direction. But within 45 minutes I was quite easily able to articulate a goal that had eluded me for the past 3-4 years. Alex has a very relatable style. She’s very easy to talk to and has a natural ability to direct the conversation in a way that leads to a productive outcome.

I walked away with some simple tools that are proving very effective, and a revitalised energy towards my career.

Lucy, Retail Strategist