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Do you have a group that would benefit from some evidence-based insights into living life and working, well?

Delivered with joy (always) and a touch of humour (hopefully…) these presentations encourage collaboration and involvement.

They emphasise usable knowledge that can easily and immediately be translated into positive, practical effect.




I was stuck, really stuck. I’d done the same thing for so long that I didn’t know how to do anything else. And I so wanted to. It wasn’t that I was desperately unhappy, just that I had goals, aspirations and passions that I wanted to fulfill. So I decided to try a life coach.

I had the idea that life coaches were all about revving you up into a 'Ra Ra' frenzy, pushing you out, making you leap off poles both figuratively and literally. As an introvert this was a terrifying prospect. A Google search led me to many coaches whose literature made me internally squirm. Then I found Upstairs Coaching.

Now I have started my own small business, am successfully blogging, have made new friends and am looking forward to continuing to pursue my new life.

Alex’s gentle, personal approach provided a safe and enjoyable environment to explore the barriers that were holding me back. She has a knack of getting to the hidden knotty bits and gently, but firmly teasing them out. This unraveling was always followed by practical tasks to help me move through the problem or to build on the next part of my plan. I looked forward to her comprehensive follow up emails and enjoyed the satisfaction of tasks completed. She was always available for advice, questions and support between sessions, which is invaluable when you are pushing outside your comfort zone.

Working with Alex far exceeded my expectations of a life coach. I am more confident and happy; the barriers that were holding me back are mostly gone. I have a greater awareness of myself, and a belief that I can achieve my aims. I am creating the life that I wanted.

Julie van Schie: dog trainer and owner of Delight in Dogs