The Kick-Start

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The Kick-Start is a great choice if you’re keen for some big change and you know you would benefit from some evidence-based support.

These three hours of evidence-based coaching will give you the chance to determine some clear goals and identify intelligent strategies, to achieve them.

You’ll leave each session with explicit next-steps, practical techniques, resources, tips and materials to get you moving. And you’ll stay on track with detailed email follow-ups, unlimited email support and some intense accountability.


Please note: I work remotely and my client days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.



“I was in a significant professional rut so decided to seek some guidance from a professional coach. Alex was recommended by a friend and so my journey began.”

“Alex was incredibly insightful and helped me target barriers and work through issues that were stopping me realising my true potential.”

“Her targeted and professional approach and generous follow up helped me to work through issues and ultimately finish up positively at a job that I had wanted to move on from for over a year. I also confidently applied for my ultimate professional role and succeeded in getting the job.”

“I’m truly grateful for the sessions with Alex and will follow up with her in the future.”

Abbie Place, Education Manager Bendigo Kangan Institute


“I have found our sessions together so helpful, both practically and emotionally. The Kickstart coaching option has been one of the most positive investments I have ever made in my own wellbeing and I’m so happy I came across your service when I really needed it professionally as well. I love how in tune you are with considerations that are particularly relevant to women in the workplace, and I really enjoyed the outcomes of your ability to integrate your career coaching and life coaching skills flawlessly into the one vision for clients who are seeking assistance with both. Your approach made me feel like my health and happiness are important factors to integrate into a career – sometimes we can forget that it’s not asking too much to strive for a lifestyle where all three are present and valued. Thank you Alex”

Emma, Social Worker


“Coaching with Alex was a terrific and eye opening experience.”

“I went to see her feeling pretty lost and unhappy. Alex has a knack for getting to the crux of a situation and honing in on a way forward to achieve the life you want. She gives real life, practical tools, which help you progress toward your goals, and she is unfailingly supportive.”

“I would highly recommend working with Alex if you know you could be leading a happier and more fulfilling life, but don’t know how to get there. She’s a fabulous mentor and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.”

A.L. Traveller