Positive Parenting


Becoming a parent is a huge shift. It can be the most incredible, amazing thing that has ever happened to you. It can also be the hardest and most challenging.

There is so much noise on how to parent – deafening, exhausting and confusing – that finding your own way, the way that will best suit you and your little one, can be crazy difficult.

I am a mum of three so I absolutely get it.

But please know: this is coaching, not advice giving. I will not be telling you what I think you should do just because it worked for me. [I will also avoid any health support – I’ll leave that to your GP and MCHN].

So what will I do? I’ll speak with you about any aspect of parenting that you want to explore. We’ll work out your approach and determine some practical, realistic and effective strategies to help you parent in a way that feels right, to you.

Nothing is off limits: identity, confidence, comparisons, fear, anger, anxiety, body image, work, sleep, childcare, relationships, balance.

Whatever you choose.

One of the best things with this package is that the conditions are super flexible, you can read about them here. You can decide on either three single sessions or a morning together and babies are always, absolutely welcome.

oh! And it is the perfect gift. For yourself or for any other terrific soon-to-be, new or doing-it-for-a-while-now mum.


Please note: I work with clients on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am currently taking bookings for August.