The Private Jet

By application only, this is the chihuahua-in-your-lap-bag of personal coaching.

These three months of coaching are designed for folk who are (almost terrifyingly) keen for life-altering transformation.

You’ll have a private coach on-call, to: deliver weekly coaching sessions; offer unlimited phone and email support; provide you with evidence-based resources; contribute fresh insights and bold feedback; lavish you with red-carpet attention; supply you with unwavering accountability; and ensure you achieve your goals, in executive style.

I take on only one Private Jet client each quarter. Please contact me if you’re keen to apply.


When I first approached Alex, I was looking for strategies and support to step into work that truly energised me. I was feeling burnt out and my over-thinking mind had kept me staying stuck in the same old patterns. Every single session with Alex gave me greater clarity and insight as to where I could focus my time and energy, and gave me such valuable accountability to stay committed to my own happiness in my life, my business and future career aspirations.

Her fresh perceptive and unwavering guidance helped me to make some big decisions which has given me the confidence to pursue new opportunities that I had never previously considered.

I’m so grateful that I reached out to her when I did and often find myself thinking, “What would Alex say?” which has continued to stretch myself in such positive ways. If you’re looking for a coach who brings both passion and professionalism with such a lovely dose of caring humour too – I cannot recommend Alex enough. She truly has made a significant impact in helping me to let go of the ‘should’s’, find satisfying ways of working and regain my spark back.

Tash Spencer, Coach