The Private Jet

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By application only, this is the chihuahua-in-your-lap-bag of personal coaching.

These three months of coaching are designed for folk who are (almost terrifyingly) keen for life-altering transformation.

You’ll have a private coach on-call, to: deliver weekly coaching sessions; offer unlimited phone and email support; provide you with evidence-based resources; contribute fresh insights and bold feedback; lavish you with red-carpet attention; supply you with unwavering accountability; and ensure you achieve your goals, in executive style.

I take on only one Private Jet client each quarter. Please contact me if you’re keen to apply.


Please note: I work remotely and my client days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.



“Alex’s coaching guided me to reconnect with my strengths, gain clarity on my business ideas and most importantly, create a plan that supported my new life and lifestyle.”

“I am very excited to launch my business!”

Bree Gargaro, Wellness Expert for Mums