The Toe-Dip

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You’re new to coaching and you’re curious about the possibility. Or maybe you’ve coached with Upstairs before and you’re back for an intensive tweak.

This hour of evidence-based coaching will challenge you with new questions, deep insights, and fresh perspectives. You’ll leave with a real sense of hope and confidence, a clear idea of where you’re headed and some practical strategies to get you moving.

You will be welcomed with a Questionnaire, to really make the most of our hour together. After the session you will receive a detailed email summary and a personalised compilation of resources to help maximise your ongoing goal-striving and attainment. And you’ll have access to continued support.


Please note: I work remotely and my client days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.



“Honestly, prior to consulting with Alex I was not certain about life coaching. I liked the idea of [it] but I was actually scared to consult with a life coach. I am so happy however that I took the leap of faith and that I found Alex – she has been absolutely amazing!”

“Through her assistance and support I have developed such a strong sense of who I am, what I want to be doing with my life as well as the steps to get there. Alex has been so supportive and has given me gentle, encouraging, pushes along the way, which has helped to change my life in such a positive way.”

Lauren, Actor


“When I first approached Alex, I was looking for strategies and support to step into work that truly energised me. I was feeling burnt out and my over-thinking mind had kept me staying stuck in the same old patterns. Every single session with Alex gave me greater clarity and insight as to where I could focus my time and energy, and gave me such valuable accountability to stay committed to my own happiness in my life, my business and future career aspirations.”

“Her fresh perceptive and unwavering guidance helped me to make some big decisions which has given me the confidence to pursue new opportunities that I had never previously considered.”

“I’m so grateful that I reached out to her when I did and often find myself thinking, ‘What would Alex say?’ which has continued to stretch myself in such positive ways. If you’re looking for a coach who brings both passion and professionalism with such a lovely dose of caring humour too – I cannot recommend Alex enough. She truly has made a significant impact in helping me to let go of the ‘should’s’, find satisfying ways of working and regain my spark back.”

Tash Spencer, Coach


“Upon my first meeting with Alex, all my apprehension about coaching disappeared.”

“Alex is caring and authentic, never pushy. Most importantly, she listens – really listens. Alex doesn’t recite a solution or tell you what to do, but through conversation, questions and a collaborative approach, provides gentle guidance specific to your situation.”

“My mind is always buzzing and clear after meeting with Alex, and I find myself thinking about our thought provoking conversions long after our session has ended.”

A.G. designer/creative