You’re keen for change and you’d love for the experience to be infused with the wisdom and transformative power of a group of bold, supportive, like-minded women.

Gather a group, decide on a focus and bring me on board!

I’ll tailor a collective coaching experience that will draw on your individual and joint strengths, deliver some serious fun and facilitate significant positive change.

[Please note: these groups involve a zero-tolerance policy of bitchiness. I require 100% mutual acceptance, kindness and support from all participants. Curiosity, collaboration and general loveliness are highly encouraged.]



My friends and I had been talking for ages about all the things we are scared to do. I realised that we kept saying we were going to do them but we never did…so I contacted Alex. I think the best thing was actually just making us turn up each week! And having ideas on staying motivated and managing our Mean Girl Voice [inner critic]. Now we’re keeping each other going and we’re all achieving, it’s been really worthwhile.

Harriet, Writer